How to jungle AXE 6.86 Как правильно фармить лес за AXE

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How to jungle AXE 6.86 Как правильно фармить лес за AXE

Дота 2 англ. Dota 2 компьютерная многопользовательская командная игра жанра MOBA, реализация известной карты DotA для игры Warcraft III в отдельном клиенте. В игре участвуют две команды по пять человек. Одна команда играет за светлую сторону англ. The Radiant, другая за тёмную англ. The Dire. Каждый игрок управляет одним юнитом, который называется героем. Герой может получать опыт для повышения своего уровня, зарабатывать золото, покупать и собирать предметы, которые усиливают его или дают дополнительные способности. Каждый игрок постоянно получает небольшое количество золота от своей базы, а также зарабатывает небольшие порции золота за убийство вражеских существ и большие за убийство героев. Команды рассредотачиваются по линиям, на которых происходит борьба с вражескими героями и отрядами крипов англ. creeps под управлением компьютера, которые каждые полминуты появляются на базах команд. Цель игры уничтожить главное здание на вражеской базе. The game is available exclusively through Valve s content delivery platform, Steam.Dota 2 is played in discrete matches involving two five player teams, each of which occupies a stronghold at a corner of the map. Each stronghold contains a building called the Ancient, which the opposite team must destroy to win the match. Each player controls a Hero character and focuses on leveling up, collecting gold, acquiring items and fighting against the other team to achieve victory.Each match of Dota 2 takes place on a functionally symmetrical map that features the strongholds of two warring factions, the Radiant and the Dire. The Radiant is based at the southwest corner of the map, while the Dire is based at the northeast corner the two sides are divided by a river that runs perpendicular to the central lane. These factions are defended by up to five players each, and are pitted against one another to compete as the defenders for their respective Ancient. In each stronghold is a critical structure called the Ancient, a fountain that provide health and lesser structures. These bases are connected by three paths, referred to as lanes two run parallel with the edges of the map, while one runs directly between the two bases. The lanes are guarded by defensive Towers, as well as autonomous characters called creeps, which periodically spawn in groups and traverse the lanes, attacking enemies they encounter. Featured across the map are hostile characters referred to as neutrals, which are not aligned to either faction and are primarily located in the forests. Located in a tarn on the northeast side of the river is a boss called Roshan, who typically requires multiple team members to kill and drops powerful items MMR Pro plays replays how to play guide tutorial perspective dota dota2 rank ranking ranked tips tricks learns highlights safelane top mid carry support jungle ult ultimate Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena MOBA video game produced by IceFrog and Valve Corporation. On Dota 2 Highlights TV channel you can find highlights from major tournaments, Dota 2 gameplay, videos with pro Dota 2 players and many other interesting Dota 2 movies. Remember to subscribe to be notified when we release new Dota 2 videos Pro heroes team How To Play tricks guide pro gameplay heros 60fps dota dota2 dota gamplay dota 2 gameplay pro hero heroes heros dota 2 game how to play guide tip trick mmr rank perspective gameplay Dota 2 big play best moba dota2 pro play dota pro play dota 2 video dota 2 highlights dota video dota replay dota 2 replay guide dota2 дота дота 2 Дота 2 секреты,дота 2 фишки,дота 2 секреты фишки,фарм леса,гайд в лесу,стаки крипов дота 2,стаки,эншенты,много стаков,трипл стак,Triks dota 2,secrets dota 2,dota 2 secrets triks,tips and triks dota 2,dota 2,дота 2,jungle guide,axe dota 2

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